Going Beyond Google

This post is part of a blog hop on innovation.  Details can be found here.

fc394091-982f-4bf8-906f-d27e97a855af-fullOver the past few years, I have grown as a teacher and a coach because of all the amazing resources available online.  It seems that no matter what I am looking for, it can be found with a quick Google search.  However, this past week, there was a resource I needed, and it could not be found.  After hours of searching, tweaking, and revising existing documents, I decided to just create the resource myself.  It was a wonderfully frustrating and rewarding experience.  It isn’t perfect, but with some collaboration with colleagues, I’m sure it can be improved.

What does innovation mean to me? It means taking the risk to create something new and reflecting on how to make it better.  It also requires collaboration and going beyond your comfort zone.  It means embracing failure and working through it to produce something new and better.

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