Why I #LoveTeaching (and Coaching)

My love for teaching is deeply connected to my love of learning.  As a fifth grade teacher at an international school, it always amazed me how each student would bring a different perspective to the classroom.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn from them.  I #LoveTeaching when students offer a unique insight to a lesson that I never even considered.

Now, as a Learning Coach, I am able to learn from amazing teachers each and every day.  Whether it is planning collaboratively with grade-level teams or observing a classroom, I #LoveTeaching when I see other teachers excited to try something new that will benefit their students.  I love that I am able to learn something new about teaching from every classroom that I visit.

My love for teaching has also grown through my online PLN.  Anytime that I visit Twitter or scroll through Pinterest or read an educator’s blog, I am inspired.  I’m thankful that this #LoveTeaching campaign motivated me to reflect on why I love teaching and coaching.  This is an exciting time to be a teacher because today, we are able to connect and collaborate with educators from around the globe.

I #LoveTeaching because everyday I learn something new.  As teachers, we no longer need to have all the answers.  And that’s OK.  We can learn from each other.

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