End of the Year Reflections

Reflecting isn’t something I do naturally.  I tend to keep moving forward, always looking ahead to what comes next.  But, now, as the school year comes to an end, I should take a moment to pause and reflect.  There are 3 main takeaways for me this year, important reflections that I learned as I look back, which also inspired new goals moving forward into next year:

1 – A school is so much more than a school.  It is a community.  And every person within that community has a unique voice which should be heard.  This year, I have tried to be more aware of all the different perspectives in our community.  Participating in activities outside of the school day helped me establish relationships with our local community.   Moving forward, I would like to build upon these relationships, finding ways to celebrate the wonderfully unique differences within our international community.  I would also like to connect our local community with a global community – and find ways to both teach and learn from students and teachers around the world.

2 – My job rocks.  As the K-5 Learning Coach, I have the privilege of visiting every classroom in the elementary school and working with teachers of all grade levels. Without a doubt, I am a better educator because of all the amazing ideas I have learned from them.   Having the opportunity to lead meaningful and relevant professional development and seeing teachers using and applying new learning in their classrooms is so rewarding.  As I look back on the year, I am in awe of our teachers and how much they were willing to participate and push outside their comfort zone to try new things.  Moving forward, I want to continue pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, by being coached by other coaches and receiving feedback on a regular basis.

3 – I have so much more to learn.  As I wrap up my second year as Learning Coach, I am definitely feeling more confident, but I have a long list of books and resources and blogs that I look forward to reading over the summer.  Continued and sustained professional learning is essential for all educators.

Hopefully next year, I will reflect throughout the year as I continue to keep moving forward!


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