Coaching with Connections

images (3)Without a doubt, I am a better educator because of the connections I have made through social media, especially Twitter.  As the summer comes to an end and I look forward to starting a new year, I’m wondering how I can help teachers in my own school build meaningful connections both within and outside our school community.  Here are some ideas:

  • Be an educational match-maker.  After I signed up for  @Edumatch , I received tweets suggesting other educators that I should follow.  It has been a great way to find other teachers to collaborate with.  I could set up a match-maker service in the school to connect teachers who share similar interests and would benefit from learning together.
  • Organize a book club.  Meeting to discuss a book is a great way to build connections.  Through social media, we could even connect with teachers from other schools, too.
  • Twitter chats.  Joining twitter chats and following education hashtags has helped me connect with teachers, authors, and speakers from around the world.  I would love to form a small group of teachers from my school and participate in a chat together.  They move fast, and it would be great to provide a support system.

What are some ways that you will build connections this year?


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