Ready to Innovate? Join #IMMOOC

cover-in-3d The Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros was the perfect summer read.   It is both inspiring and practical, helping me reflect on the previous year and start making plans for the upcoming year.  Now, as the new year has begun, it is the perfect time to participate in The Innovator’s Mindset MOOC! I’m looking forward to connecting with educators around the world, so that we can reflect and innovate together.

As I read the book there were many quotes that resonated and led to A-Ha ideas. Some of these ideas I am already putting in place for the new year. Here is one:

“As discussed earlier, DEAR time should be an opportunity not only for reading but to also “Drop Everything And Reflect.” John Dewey is quoted as having said, “We do not learn from experience; we learn from reflecting on experience.” Reflection time should not be an optional component of the classroom or even done on “your own time.” It should be a regular part of both student and educator practice.”

I love my school because we are constantly moving forward.  Change happens fast and often, and as a coach, I am often at the center of that change.   But, I want to also ensure that I am providing time for teachers (and myself) to reflect on these changes and how they are impacting students.  When I meet with grade level teams, DEAR will be a way for us to stop everything else and truly reflect together and keep moving forward together.

Why is “innovation” so crucial in education?

Our world has, and continues to, change.  But schools have basically remained the same.  In order to prepare students for an unknown future, educators need to get innovative.  We need to model what it looks like to be creative and to apply our learning in new and meaningful ways.

What impact do you see it having on our students and ourselves long term?

The impact for ourselves is that we will be better educators, and we will be able to stay relevant and connected to what our students need to thrive in today’s world.  For our students, they will have the skills and the mindsets needed to change the world.

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