It’s time to start asking “What if…?” Begin the new year with a Professional Passion Project! #PassionProjectPL

Too often in education, we eliminate the question of What if…? for our students and for our teachers. It’s time to dream big – what would your ideal classroom look like? What should school look like? At BLC17, I heard lots of inspiring What if questions from teachers, like…

  • What if I started Genius Hour in my classroom?
  • What if my students created their own broadcasts and podcasts?
  • What if I gave up grading???
  • What if all teachers cared as much as we do?

These questions have led me to think about my own What if question for the new year. After much brainstorming and reflecting, I’ve decided on this:

  • What if we planned units by starting with thinking habits and dispositions, rather than starting with content and academic standards?

This is a BIG What if! And I’m not really even sure where to begin or where it will lead. But, I know that my ultimate goal is for students to become thoughtful, self-motivated learners, who are creative, critical thinkers, able to collaborate with others and solve real problems. So, instead of building a unit based on content, wouldn’t it make sense to plan backwards from the thinking dispositions and habits of mind that I want students to acquire? Rather than plan assessments and activities revolved around learning content, we would revolve everything around teaching students how to think and show their thinking.

This What if… question is the beginning of my Professional Passion Project for 2017-18. The next phase of the project is to Plan, where I will look for resources and other educators to collaborate with.

Please share your thoughts about this project, and start thinking about a Professional Passion Project of your own! Dream big, and think about what you would like to change in your classroom, in your school, or in the world! Tweet your ideas to #PassionProjectPL!

What is your “What if…?”


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