My #OneWord2018 is…PASSION

Selecting One Word for the new year is a powerful way to set meaningful goals and guide you on a purposeful path. Looking back and reflecting on my #OneWord2017, I can see many ways that I was able to embody this word: OPEN. This past year, I have been blessed with many opportunities to connect with educators around the world and be a part of amazing projects – all because I was open to try new things and willing to take a risk.

As I think about 2018, however, I don’t want to just be open to possibilities – I want to join us to see him offsaturday • may 20, 2018 • 2_00 pmgreat buffet restaurant792 pine ave., west harbour squarelong beach, capursue them. I don’t want to just wait for things to happen – I want to make things happen! If we want to see real change in education, then we need to have a sense of urgency and commitment – we need PASSION! In 2018, I want to seek out new ways to share my ideas and make an impact – especially with professional learning. PL should empower teachers and inspire them. My passion is to encourage other educators to pursue their passion. I want to focus on bringing passion to professional learning.

Now, the question is…how will I do this? Well, I hope to organize The Professional Passion Project so that teachers can learn about something they are passionate about and share it with their global PLN. I’m excited to present at a conference about the importance of learning with passion. And I will continue sharing ideas on my blog and perhaps even start developing my ideas into a book.

Please share in the comments, if you have ideas or past experiences of passion-filled professional learning.

What will your #OneWord2018 be?


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