Taking Time to Celebrate Success

As 2017 came to a close, I wrote about the importance of making time for reflection. But, it’s just as important to take the time to celebrate! As you return to school after the Winter Break, plan time to celebrate the successes you, your faculty, and your students download (19)have achieved!

This year, our school-wide professional learning focuses on implementing Making Thinking Visible routines – in every subject area, in every grade level. Just walking into any classroom, it’s clear that student thinking is valued and visible. Creating a video of all the many ways teachers are actively promoting student thinking was a fun way to celebrate our success with this initiative. It also allowed teachers to see new ideas from other classrooms, and validated that we are making progress as a school and truly building a culture of thinking. Take a moment to walk into your colleagues’ classrooms and celebrate their successes!

It’s also important to have some fun! To celebrate how we have embraced our school theme of Think Compassion, teachers created adorable and inspiring memes. It was a fun way to use technology in a new way, to share on social media, and to celebrate how our theme has really shaped our teaching and learning this year.

Check out these amazing teacher-created memes!


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