How can we design human-centered Professional Learning? Start by asking teachers for feedback #IMMOOC #LCInnovation Week 4

How do you create more opportunities to connect and provide effective feedback to support those you serve?

In Chapter 7 of Learner-Centered Innovation, Katie Martin references IDEO’s approach to meeting the needs of their users – a human-centered design approach that begins with empathy. She shares the story of a school who interviewed students in order to empathize and gain a better understanding of how to design learning experiences that would support and validate all learners. This was a powerful way for teachers to connect with their students and build positive relationships.

As a coach, asking similar questions to teachers could be a powerful way to connect and give teachers an opportunity to share their feedback. What if we designed human-centered professional development, and began by asking teachers those same questions:

todayi am (1)

It could be extremely powerful and insightful to sit down with teachers, one-on-one, and talk about their passions and strengths, and how they can utilize their strengths to move the school forward and support student learning. Taking the time to have these open and honest conversations would show teachers that I value their experience and ideas. It would also nurture relationships.

Another way I could connect with teachers is through the 3-2-Q Reflection process. As teachers reflect on 3 strengths, 2 areas of growth, and 1 question to guide their progress, I could uncover specific and authentic opportunities for coaching. This process reminds me of the WOW, HOW NOW protocol from Amy Burvall. After attending professional download (27)development or an instructional round, teachers reflect on these 3 things: their biggest take-away or A-Ha moment (wow), a question about how this could work for their students (how), and a personal challenge or next steps to make it happen (now).


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