How can we move from training teachers to a culture of learning? #IMMOOC Week 4 #LCInnovation

Mini-blog post #2 for Season 4, Week 4 of #IMMOOC:

How might you create systems that minimize training and foster a culture of learning? 

A few years ago, my school launched a 1:World iPad initiative. It was imperative that all teachers became comfortable and confident integrating technology seamlessly and effectively. This meant our professional learning needed an overhaul. Sit and get, one-size-fits-all demonstrations of apps was not going to work. We wanted teachers to understand that it’s not about the apps. It’s about a mindset. It’s a willingness to embrace student interests, imagination, and innovation, and understand that technology and iPads have the ability to amplify these.

So, we (iLearning Coach @mrseanwalmsely, ES Principal @jencanar, and I) created a new system of PL, in which teachers would engage in hands-on iLearning Workflows and plan how to apply them to their current unit. Teachers worked with their team, so there was support and collaboration along the way. We began each session with a teacher share-out, both successes and challenges, and we helped provide feedback for each other. At the end of the year, I created this video to celebrate all the many ways teachers were using the workflows.

The 5 iLearning Workflows are:

  • Showcase Learning
  • Create > Revise > Publish
  • Tutorial Design
  • App Smashing
  • Broadcast/Podcast


Instead of training teachers on how to use an iPad, we fostered a culture of learning by trying it out together. We had a clear vision of what we wanted to achieve as a school, yet teachers were able to choose which workflow they were interested in, and how they could apply it in a way that best supported their students. Now, years later, these workflows are a part of our shared language, and teachers use them intentionally and purposefully to amplify student learning.

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