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It’s time to bring some PASSION to your professional learning!

Ultimately, our goal is to design meaningful learning experiences and authentic opportunities for students to develop critical thinking dispositions and solve real world problems. We will start by picturing the ideal graduate. What is it that we want students to know and be able to do? Then, we will design a sustainable, personalized Professional Learning Plan that will utilize teacher strengths, and will achieve our desired student outcomes.

Consulting services follow a framework, which can be tailored to meets the needs of your organization, and to incorporate innovative learning opportunities for all members of the school community. This process will ensure that a consistent message is shared with all stakeholders, and that we build a positive culture of thinking and learning throughout the school. The PASSION Cycle framework empowers educators to create meaningful change in classrooms, in the entire school, and to impact the future of education.

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Here’s the process we will use to design a Professional Learning Plan with PASSION:
P – personalized; we will begin with your vision of the ideal learning environment and how we can develop a personalized learning plan (PLP) for each teacher, to build upon teacher strengths, and make the vision become a reality.  Through the PLP, teachers will be given choice in what and how they learn. Teachers will brainstorm areas they are interested in learning more about, as well as areas of expertise that they could share with others. We will set personalized goals and form action research questions to pursue. All of this will be focused on our ultimate goal: to increase student learning and foster thinking dispositions.

A – ask questions; we will invite all stakeholders to come together for a dialogue about what school could and should be. It’s important to include all voices and consider all perspectives before we move forward. Through student panels, we can gather essential feedback from students on how they learn best. We will envision what successful student learning looks like – not just content knowledge in the core subjects, but habits of mind and dispositions as well. What do we want our students to be like as adults? What is needed to be a successful 21st century learner? From this, we co-construct a mission statement.

S – seek solutions; this is your opportunity to innovate from both inside and outside the box. Using design thinking, we will seek answers to “what if” questions and create solutions to real problems.  It’s a time to provide teachers with the support they need to maximize their personalized professional learning.  This is the stage for establishing peer coaching, instructional rounds, teacher-led workshops, video reflections, and learning walks within the school.  Teachers will also receive support through book studies, social media connections, online resources, and professional learning communities.

S – share-out; We have a responsibility to share our research with both our local and global communities. It’s time for teachers to lead the way in educational reform and create change, based on what we know is most effective for improving student learning. To share with the local community, we will invite all stakeholders, including parents and students, to a showcase of teacher learning. It is a perfect way for teachers to model lifelong learning and show that they are continuously improving their practice.  To share with the global community, teachers can post their findings on social media and blogs, submit an article to an educational publication, or present at a conference.

I – iterate; based on reflection and feedback, we may need to start the process again and try a new solution. PL with PASSION is ongoing, sustainable, and will provide the foundation for personal and collective growth and progress throughout the year.

O – ownership; professional learning can no longer be a “one size fits all” and “sit and get” approach. We will co-design many options for teachers to take ownership of their professional learning, and apply it to improve student learning, engagement, and ownership. This could mean adapting the curriculum to meet student needs, making global connections, integrating technology effectively, and fostering thinking dispositions.  It could also mean embarking on action research or pursuing a professional passion project.  This is the stage where teachers truly take ownership of their learning, and apply that learning to their classroom.

N – NOW; This is an exciting time to be an educator. The world around us is changing rapidly, and we must create change with a sense of urgency. Professional Learning with PASSION will support your school community in leading the way, and foster a culture of thoughtful innovation!

This process will energize your school culture, as teachers are given choice in their learning and a voice to share it with the community.  It will also bring everyone together to accomplish a common goal: to increase student achievement.