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Through interactive hands-on workshops, teachers will have time to apply new ideas to create learning opportunities for their students. These sessions will transform the culture of thinking and learning at your school, and ensure that what is learned in the workshop will have an immediate impact on student achievement.

Making Global Connections to foster Empathy and Innovation

Perhaps the most essential skill for today’s students is empathy. This workshop will focus on how to foster empathy through global connections. As co-creator of The Global KIND Project, I witnessed first-hand the power of connecting classrooms around the world. Teachers will explore digital tools and resources that will allow them to take part in global projects, or even launch their own project.

Empower Students to Make a Difference

It’s not enough to prepare students for tomorrow – let’s prepare students to start making a difference…TODAY! This workshop focuses on empowering students through Genius Hour, technology, and design-based learning opportunities. As executive producer of TEDxYouth@AISR, I experienced the impact that students can have when they are given a voice and encouraged to pursue their passions.  Learn how to add student voice to your professional learning, as well.

Teach SDGs: Incorporating the UN Global Goals into the Curriculum

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are 17 goals defined by the United Nations to tackle the world’s biggest problems by 2030. During this workshop, we will explore how these goals can be incorporated into your curriculum and be aligned to existing standards and learning objectives. SDGs are a powerful way to raise awareness of real-world problems and support students in designing thoughtful solutions.

Transforming the Culture of Math

It’s an exciting time for teaching and learning math! Join the math revolution and transform the culture of math at your school!  This workshop will explore how to help students master both content standards and mathematical practices, so that they can apply math authentically to solve real-world problems. In order to be future-ready, students must have a conceptual understanding of math, and be able to explain their thinking orally, with models, through drawings, and in writing. Simply getting the right answer is not enough! Students need to find and justify multiple solutions, using a variety of problem-solving strategies. 

Visible Thinking Routines across all Subject Areas

Making Thinking Visible (MTV) Routines create a learning environment in which thinking is valued, visible, and actively promoted. These simple, yet highly effective, structures can be used in any subject area, and at any grade level.  In this interactive workshop, teachers will participate in a variety of MTV routines and have time to start planning ways to use them in their classroom.

Design-based Learning

In our rapidly changing world, we are preparing students for jobs that don’t exist yet. This workshop introduces teachers to Design-based Learning, and explains how it can inculcate the skills and dispositions that students will need to succeed in an unknown future. We will explore each phase of Design-based Learning (Compassion, Curation, Creation, Iteration, Collaboration, Action, & Reflection) and begin planning how to integrate this process into your current units of study.

Implementing the GUIDE Coaching Model

This workshop is designed as a Q&A session for instructional coaches and teacher leaders, as we examine a coaching cycle using the GUIDE Coaching Model.

G – Goal – sit down with the teacher and decide on goals for both the teacher and the students; how will you know when these goals have been achieved?

U – Understand – really listen to the teacher’s concerns and needs; let them share their dreams for their students, their passions for education, and vision of their ideal learning environment

I– Incite – brainstorm together all the possibilities that could help achieve these goals, including resources and professional learning networks

D – Decide – design opportunities to meet the goal, including coach modeling, instructional rounds, and professional learning resources

E – Encourage and Execute – provide ongoing support and feedback; examine student work to assess progress toward the goal, and design additional opportunities as needed

Creating a Culture of Open Doors and Visible Learning

This workshop is designed to take your instructional coaching program to the next level. Coaches and school leaders will receive support in implementing instructional rounds, labsites, think tanks, and other professional learning opportunities throughout the school.

The Professional Passion Project

In this workshop, teachers will embark on an action research project, which begins with asking, “What if…?” Teachers will begin the first phases of the project, brainstorming a question or problem, and then planning how they will find and share their answers and solutions.